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Large scale map of Cortez town, Colorado

Cortez streets map. Detailed large scale map of Cortez town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Cortez CO on the map


• Population: 7,977 • Elevation: 6,201 • Area Code: 970 • Montezuma Co., CO 81321

Points of Interest:

Mesa Verde National Park, Anasazi Heritage Center, Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, Dolores River Overlook, Crow Canyon Archeological Center, Sleeping Ute Mountain, the Cortez Center, Hovenweep National Monument

Annual Events:

Fremont Rock Art Exhibit Early/Mid-April (970) 882-4811

Pueblo to Pueblo Run Late April (970) 565-1151

Native American Cultural Events Summer (970) 565-1151

Indian Arts & Western Culture Festival Late May/Early June (800) 530-2998

High Altitude Steel Car Show Late May (970) 565-6335

Farmers'Market June-November (970) 565-1151

Arts & Crafts Fiesta June (970) 565-3414

Ute Mtn. Round Up Rodeo Mid-June (970) 565-8151 (800) 530-2998

4th of July Celebration in the Park July (970) 565-3414

Celebrate Cortez Krazy Daze July (970) 565-3414

Montezuma County Fair Late July, Early August (970) 565-1000

Harvest Brew Fest Late September (970) 882-2149

Indian Summer Run Late September (970) 565-3414

Colorfest Arts & Crafts Show Early September (970) 565-3414

Halloween Kids Parade Late October (970) 565-8227

Parade of Lights Early December (970) 565-8939

Visitor Information    Chamber of Commerce 928 E. Main St (970) 565-3414

Colorado Welcome Ctr. 928 E. Main St. (970) 565-3414

Mesa Verde Country Visitor Info    928 E. Main St. (800) 253-1616

Hospital                     Southwest Memorial Hospital 1311 N. Mildred Rd. (970) 565-6666

Airport                      Cortez Municipal Airport 22874 CR. F (970) 565-7458

College                      Pueblo Comm. Coll. SW Ctr. 60 S. Cactus (970) 565-7496

Post Office                 Cortez Main Post Office 35 S. Beech (970) 565-3181

Library                      Cortez Public Library 202 N. Park St. (970) 565-8117

Museums                    Anasazi Heritage Ctr. 27501 Hwy 184, Dolores   (970) 882-4811

                                  Cortez Cultural Center 25 N. Market (970) 565-1151

                                  Crow Canyon Archaeological Ctr.    23390 County Rd. K (800) 422-8975

                                  Notah Dineh Trading Co 345 W Main (800) 444-2024

Golf Course               Conquistador Golf Course 2018 N. Dolores Rd. (970) 565-9208

Police Department        Cortez Police Dept. 608 N. Park St. (970) 565-8441

Fire Department          Cortez Volunteer Fire Dept. 30 N. Ash (970) 565-0211

Newspaper                    Cortez Journal 123 N. Roger Smith Ave.   (970) 565-8527


Cortez provides a convenient base of operations for professional and amateur archaeologists exploring the Four Corners region, once home to as many as 100,000 Anasazi. Hundreds of sites related to this ancient tribe are within a few hours' drive. Mesa Verde National Park, Hovenweep National Monument, Lowry Ruins, the Cortez Cultural Center and the Anasazi Heritage Center are just a few of the local attractions. Cortez was settled in 1881 by farmers attracted by the Dolores River. Founded in 1886, the town lay just outside the orbit of the mining boom in the San Juan Mountains and instead became a trade center for the local ranches and farms, growing enough to become the seat of Montezuma County. The area also benefited as a summer grazing ground for Texan catde herds. As sporadic periods of natural gas exploration gradually ceased, tourism by necessity has been a longstanding focal point of the local economy.