Crested Butte streets map. Detailed map of Crested Butte town, Colorado

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Large scale map of Crested Butte town, Colorado

Crested Butte streets map. Detailed large scale map of Crested Butte town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Crested Butte CO on the map

Crested Butte

• Population: 1,529 • Elevation: 8,908 • Area Code: 970 • Gunnison Co., CO 81224

Points or interest: Crested Butte Ski Kesort, mountain biking, chairlift rides, Crested Butte Mtn. Heritage Museum & Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Crested Butte National Historic District, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Annual Events:

Alley Loop Cross Nordic Marathon February (970) 349-1707

Dan Prater Memorial Cup February (970) 349-2996

US Extreme Freeskiing Championships February (970) 349-2221

US Extreme Boarderfest Mid-March (970) 349-2303

Al Johnson Mem. Uphill-Downhill Tele-Ski Race     March/April (970) 349-1323

Elk Mountain Grand Traverse April (970) 349-7133

US Extreme Telemark Championships Early April   (800) 544-8448 (970) 349-2303

Flauschink Festival Mid-April (970) 349-2203

Adaptive Sports Center Summer/Winter (970) 349-2296

Alpenglow Center for the Arts Summer (970) 349-7487

Crested Butte Fat Tire Festival Late June (800) 545-4505

Crested Butte Wildflower Fest Mid- July (970) 349-2571

4th of July & Gothic 1/3 Marathon July (800) 814-7988

Dansummer July (970) 349-6707

Crested Butte Reel Festival August (970) 349-2600

Crested Butte Festival of the Arts Early August (970) 349-1184

Fall Fest Paradise Place Family Fall Fest Early September (970) 349-2149

Paragon People's Fair Early September (970) 349-6484

Pearl Pass Mountain Bike Tour Mid-September (800) 454-4505

Town Tree Lighting Late November (800) 545-4505


Residents aren't really called Crested Beauties-well, not by each other. Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte sit three miles apart in a mountain valley. Summer hunting grounds for Utes until the arrival of gold and silver miners in the 1880s, Crested Butte incorporated when the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad chugged up from Gunnison. The town provided mining communities with supplies and lumber. Discovering coal was less exciting than finding the shiny stuff, but coal kept the town alive after gold and silver played out. The last coal mine closed in 1952, and the town staggered until skiing was developed in the 1960s. Mt. Crested Butte grew at the base of the ski runs. Since the great outdoors are open year-round, skiing isn't the only game in town. While some may argue about which town rules mountain biking, it's undisputed that Crested Butte is the birthplace of the sport in Colorado.


Visitor Information                     Chamber of Commerce 601ElkAve. (800)5454505

                                                      Central Reservations 601 Elk Ave. (800) 215-2226

Hospital                                         Gunnison Valley Hospital 711 N. Taylor St., Gunnison (970) 641-1456

Bus Station TNM & O (Greyhound)    Gunnison 312 W. Hwy. 50 (970) 641-0060

Public Transit                                  Mountain Express 801 Butte Ave. (970) 349-5616

Airport                                          Gunnison County Airport 711 W. Rio Grande Ave., Gunnison (970) 641-2304

Post Office                                    215 Elk Ave. (970) 349-5568

Library                                          Crested Butte Library 507 Maroon Ave. (970) 349-6535

Museums                                       Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum      331 Elk Ave. (970) 349-1880

                                                     Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame & Museum 331 Elk Ave. (970) 349-6817

                                                     Crested Butte Center for the Arts 606 6th St. (970) 349-7487

Ski Area                                         Crested Butte Mountain Resort 12 Snowmass Rd., Mt. Crested Butte (800) 810-SNOW

Police Department                        508 Maroon Ave. (970) 349-5231

                                                     Mt. Crested Butte Police 911 Gothic Rd. (970) 349-6516

Fire Department                           306 Maroon Ave. (970) 349-5333 x2

Newspaper                                   Crested Butte Chronicle & Pilot 432 Elk Ave. (970) 349-5000

Golf                                           Crested Butte Country Club 385 Country Club Dr. (970) 349-6131