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Large scale map of Delta town, Colorado

Delta streets map. Detailed large scale map of Delta town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Delta CO on the map


 • Population: 6,400 • Elevation: 4,953 • Area Code: 970 • Delta Co., CO 81416

Points of Interest: Delta County Historical Museum, Dinosaur Dig, site of the Supersaurus and Ultrasaurus discoveries, Ft. Uncompahgre Living History Museum


Yes, we have no bananas in the "Banana Belt of Colorado," a term applied to the Delta area because of its temperate climate and lush farmland. Delta ranches, farms and orchards have always been very productive. In 1826, French fur trader Antoine Roubideau built a trading post at the confluence of the Gunnison and Uncompahgre rivers. Delta was founded on this site in 1882. Delta is the "City of Murals," thanks to the town's arts committee. Eleven murals adorn buildings throughout town, providing an outdoors showcase for local artists and the area's heritage. The Fort Uncompahgre Living History Museum animates pioneer history, while the Delta History Museum boasts a "world-class" butterfly collection and a dinosaur bone collection. More bones can be discovered at the Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry in the nearby Uncompahgre National Forest. A world-famous dinosaur locality, the site has yielded the remains of 17 genera of dinosaur since 1971.

Annual Events:

Confluence Park Riverfest June (970) 874-8616

Deltarado Days July (970) 874-8616

Cherry Days Celebration & Parade July (970) 874-8616

Uncompahgre Little Britches Rodeo July (970) 874-8616

Delta County Fair August (970) 874-2195

Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival September (800) 874-1741

Apple Fest October (970) 874-8616

Delta Christmas Parade of Lights December (970) 874-8616

Visitors Information Chamber of Commerce 301 Main St (970) 8748616

Hospital Delta County Mem. Hospital 1501. E. 3rd St. (970) 874-7681

Bus Station TNM & O (Greyhound) 531 Main St. (970) 874-9455

Airport Delta Airport 870 1575 Rd. (970) 874-5181

College CSU Cooperative Extension 525 Dodge St. (970) 874-2195

Post Office 360 Meeker St. (970) 874-4721

LibrarY Delta County Public Library 211 W 6th St. (970) 874-9630

Museums   Delta County Historical Soc. Mus. 251 Meeker St. (970) 874-8721

                  Fort Uncompahgre Living History Museum 205 Gunnison River Dr. (970) 874-8349

Golf Course Cottonwood Golf Club 1679 H 75 Rd. (907) 874-7263

                    Devil's Thumb Golf Club 9900 Devil's Thumb Dr. (970) 874-6262

Police Department 215 W 5th St. (970) 874-7676

lure Department 5m & Grand St. (970) 874-9655

Newspapers Delta County Independent 401 Meeker St. (970) 874-4421

Valley Heartbeat 631 Palmer St. (970) 874-5165