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Large scale map of Estes Park town, Colorado

Estes Park streets map. Detailed large scale map of Estes Park town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Estes Park CO on the map

Estes Park

See Map 6 • Population: 5,413 • Elevation: 7,522 • Area Code: 970 • Larimer Co., CO 80517

Points of Interest: Trail Ridge Road, Old Fall River Road, Stanley Hotel, Enos Mills Cabin, Moraine Park Museum, Estes Park Area Historical Museum, Key Room, MacGregor Ranch Museum, Rocky Mountain National Park

Annual Events:

Artwalk & Jazz Festival                       Mid-May (800) 44-ESTES

Antique & Collectable Show                Late May (970) 586-6104

Art Market                                            Late May (970) 586-5882

Wool Market                                         Mid-June (800) 44-ESTES

Scandinavian                                        Mid-Summer Fest Late June (800) 44-ESTES

4th of July Celebration                          4th of July (800) 44-ESTES

Rooftop Rodeo & Parade                         Early-Mid-July (800) 44-ESTES

Cheley Camp Tour                                 September (970) 586-6256

Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival          Early September (800) 44-ESTES

Fine Arts & Craft Show                            Mid-September (800) 44-ESTES

Autumn Gold Festival of Brats & Band      Late September (800) 44-ESTES

Catch the Glow Christmas Parade             Late November (800) 44-ESTES

Winter Trails Weekend                                 Mid-February (800) 44-ESTES

RMNP Snowshoe Ecology Walk                     March        (970) 586-1223

Elk Fest                                                           Early October (800) 44-ESTES

Visitor Information

Chamber of Commerce                500 Big Thompson Ave. (800)44-ESTES (970)5864237

Hospital                                          Estes Park Med. Ctr. 555 Prospect Ave. (970) 586-2317

Post Office                                    215 W Riverside Dr. (800) 275-8777  (970) 586-8177

Libraries                          Estes Park Library 335 E. Elkhorn Ave. (970) 586-8116

Museums                        Enos Mills Cabin Museum 6760 Co. Hwy. 7 (970) 586-4706

                                         Estes Park Historical Museum 200 4th St. (970) 586-6256

                                        MacGregor Ranch Museum 180 MacGregor Ave. (970) 586-3749

Golf Course                    Estes Park Golf Club 1080 S. St. Vrain Ave. (970) 586-8146

                                        Lake Estes Exec. Golf Club 690 Big Thompson Ave. (970) 586-8176

Police Department             170 MacGregor Ave. (970) 586-4000

Fire Department                 901 N. St. Vrain Ave. (970) 577-0900

Newspaper                          Estes Park Trail Gazette 251 Moraine Ave. (970) 586-3356


You've seen Estes Park's most famous building, even if you've never been here. The Stanley Hotel figures prominently in the movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. The horrormeister wrote half of the novel in Room 217. Estes Park was settled in 1859 by cattle rancher Joel Estes, but the harsh winter of 1866 chased E,stes and his herd to warmer pastures. The Irish Earl of Dunraven envisioned Estes Park as an exclusive hunting preserve. Barred as a foreigner from purchasing land under the Homestead Act, he authored a royal scam by acquiring parcels under the names of people who were drifters, dead, or fictitious. He consolidated these claims, built a hotel and catered to Europeans. In 1907, he sold his interests to the Stanley brothers of Stanley Steamer fame. After building his hotel, FO. Stanley did much to improve the town's quality of life. The town survived major floods in 1976 and 1982.