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Large scale map of Fairplay town, Colorado

Fairplay streets map. Detailed large scale map of Fairplay town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Fairplay CO on the map


See Map 14 • Population: 610 • Elevation: 9,953 • Area Code: 719 • Park Co., CO 80440

Points of Interest: Price Pioneer Museum

Annual Events:

Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off & Silent Auction Late January (719) 836-2622

Fair Folk Festival June/July (719) 836-2698

Park County Fair July (719) 836-4289

Ladies Run July (303) 363-6926

Alma Festival in the Clouds July (719) 836-2712

Burro Races Late July (719) 836-2233

HartselDays Early August (719) 836-2622

Bead Swap & Show Mid-August (719) 836-2622

Burropalooza Music Festival September (888) 776-3969

Silverheels Ball Early October (719) 836-2712

Fair Folk's October Fest Mid-October (719) 836-2622

Christmas Bazaar & Parade Early December (719) 836-2622

Victorian Cowboy Christmas Ball Mid-December (719) 836-2664

Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce 415 Main St (719)836^410

City Hall 400 Front St (719) 836-2622

Hospital St. Vincent General Hospital Dist. 822 W. 4th St., Leadville (719) 486-0230

Post Office 517 Hathaway St. (719) 836-2423

Library Park County Library 418 Main St. (719) 836-2848

Museum South Park City 100 4th St. (719) 836-2387

Police Department 400 Front St. (719) 836-2840

Fire Department Northwest Fire Protection 21455 Hwy 285 (719) 836-3150

Newspaper Fairplay Flume Bailey, CO

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny don't really live here. The South Park cartoon series brought attention to this part of Park County, but the fictitious South Park was inspired by Conifer, the Jefferson County hometown of co-creator Trey Parker. The center of South Park County is Fairplay, which was setded in 1859 by gold prospectors who were forced out of nearby Tarryall by miners who had staked more claims than they could work. In their new town, the prospectors declared, every man would have an equal chance to stake a claim. Mining culture is preserved at South Park City, a remarkable museum with 34 restored buildings containing more than 60,000 artifacts. Fairplay has memorialized three of its notable residents. Prunes, a burro who worked the mines, is remembered with a large monument, while Shorty, a burro who lived on handouts, and his canine sidekick, Bum, are buried together under a headstone on the courthouse lawn.