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Large scale map of Fort Morgan town, Colorado

Fort Morgan streets map. Detailed large scale map of Fort Morgan town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Fort Morgan CO on the map

Fort Morgan

See Map 17 • Population: 11,034 • Elevation: 4,324 • Area Code: 970 • Morgan Co., CO 80701

Points of interest- Old 1 ort

Monument, Old Fort Site,

Fort Morgan Museum, 1-76 Speedway,

James Marsh Arch Bridge,

the only rainbow arch design bridge in Colorado

Annual Events:

Ft. Morgan Tin Man Triathlon Early June (970) 867-9409

Glenn Miller Festival Mid-June (970) 867-6702

Festival in the Park Mid-July (970) 867-3257

Fall Harvest Car Show September (970) 867-8786

Pedal the Prairie September (970) 867-6702

Arts Fair March (970) 842-4838

Christmas Parade of Lights November (970) 867-6702

Visitor Information    Chamber of Commerce 300 Main St (970) 867-6702

Hospital Colo. Plains Med. Center 1000 Lincoln St. (970) 867-3391

Bus Station Greyhound 835 E. Platte Ave. (970) 867-8072

Public Transit Amtrak S. Ensign & Main St. (800) 872-7245

Airport Fort Morgan Mun. Airport 23101 Hwy. 52 (970) 867-8414

College Morgan Community College 920 Barlow Rd. (970) 542-3100

Post Office 300 State St. (800) 275-8777

Library Ft. Morgan Library 414 Main St. (970) 867-9456

Museum Ft. Morgan Museum 414 Main St. (970) 867-6331

Golf Course Ft. Morgan Municipal G. C. 17586 County Rd T-5/10     (970) 867-5990

Police Department 901 E. Beaver St. (970) 867-5678

Fire Department 116 Main St. (970) 867-2815

Newspaper Ft. Morgan Times 329 Main St. (970) 867-5651

Although Fort Morgan's best-known citizen lived here only a few years, jazz great Glenn Miller considered the town his home. The bandleader spent his high school years in Fort Morgan, playing trombone in the school band. Fort Morgan was originally the site of a military camp established to protect travelers on the Overland Trail. The fort, named after a colonel, was later constructed and manned by former Confederates released from prison to fight Indians. In 1883, Abner S. Baker laid out a town site and began construction of a canal to irrigate some 25,000 acres. Baker finagled a depot by "persuading" railroad officials with deeds. Fort Morgan was incorporated in 1887 and became seat of a new county. In addition to farms producing a variety of crops, Morgan County is home to beef ranches and sheep and dairy farms. During WWII, Fort Morgan's armory housed German POWs, who worked on surrounding farms.