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Large scale map of Frisco town, Colorado

Frisco streets map. Detailed large scale map of Frisco town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Frisco CO on the map


See Map 13 • Population: 2,443 • Elevation: 9,042 • Area Code: 970 • Summit Co., CO 80443

Points of Interest

Frisco Historic Park, Frisco Nordic Center

Annual Events:

Frisco Gold Rush Early February (800) 424-1554

Ten Mile One Mile Kayak Races Early June (800) 424-1554

Run the Rockies Late June (800) 424-1554

Frisco's Fantastic 4th of July July (800) 424-1554

Music on Main Street Mid-July (800) 424-1554

Vettes on the Rockies Early August (800) 424-1554

Founders Day Late August (800) 424-1554

Colorado Barbecue Challenge Late August (800) 424-1554

Old Fashioned Christmas Early December (800) 424-1554

Colorado Governor's Cup Late January (800) 424-1554

Chamber of Commerce 110 S. Summit Blvd. (970) 668-2501

Visitor Information, Frisco 3rd & Main St (970) 668-5547

St. Anthony Centura Health Summit

Medical Center Hwy. 9 at School Rd. (970) 668-3300 Public Transit

Summit Stage Bus 222 CR 1003 (970) 668-0999

Post Office 35 W Main (800) 275-8777

Library, Summit County 37 County Rd. 1005 (970) 668-5555

Frisco Historic House & Museum 120 Main (970) 668-3428

Police Department 1 Main St. (970) 668-3579 Fire Department, Lake Dillon

Fire Authority Frisco St. & 8th Ave. (970) 513-4100 Newspapers

Summit Daily News 40 W Main St. (970) 668-3998

Copper Cable Newspaper 619 Main St. (970) 668-3022

Mountain men and trappers ventured into this preserve of the Utes in the early 1800s, lured by the beavers that lived around the high mountain lakes. After precious metals were discovered in the mountains, money was to be made. Henry Recen founded Frisco in 1873 at a point along a stagecoach route where two railroad lines converged. Frisco thrived as a supply center for mining and logging camps. When the good times ended, Frisco managed to hang on through the years with as few as 18 residents. The emergence of the ski industry boosted Frisco along with the rest of Summit County. Much of Frisco's past has been preserved in Frisco Historical Park. Log cabins, a chapel and a jailhouse have been restored and are on display. Frisco's old schoolhouse, converted into a town museum, features displays of mining, railroad and pioneer history. Frisco shares Lake Dillon with Dillon and Silverthorne.