Georgetown streets map. Detailed large scale map of Georgetown, Colorado

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Large scale map of Georgetown town, Colorado

Georgetown streets map. Detailed large scale map of Georgetown, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Georgetown CO on the map

Georgetown See Map 14 • Population: 1,088 • Elevation: 8,519 • Area Code: 303 • Clear Creek Co., CO 80444

Points of Interest: Georgetown Loop Railroad, Hamill House Museum, Georgetown Energy Museum, Hotel de Paris

Annual Events:

Clear Creek County Mining & Railroad Days May (303) 567-4660

4th of July Parade July (303) 569-2555

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon August (303) 567-4660

Christmas Tree Lighting Late November (303) 569-2555

Christmas Market Early December (303) 569-2840

Christmas at the Hamill House Early December (303) 569-2840

Visitor Information         Georgetown Chamber of Commerce 612 6th St (800)472-8230003)569-2888

Gateway Visitor Center 1491 Argentine St. (303) 569-2405

Hospital                          Chicago Creek Clinic 413 Hwy 103, Idaho Springs             (303) 567-9201

Railroad                          Georgetown Loop 1106 Rose St. (888) 456-6777

Post Office                      Georgetown Post Office 700 6th St. (303) 569-2771

Library                           John Tomay Mem. Library 605 6th St. (303) 569-2620

Museums                         Bowman-White House 901 Rose St. (303) 569-3489

Georgetown Energy Museum 600 Griffith St. (303) 569-3557

Hamill House 305 Argentine St. (303) 569-2840

Historic Preservation Georgetown 305 Argentine St. (303) 569-2840

Hotel de Paris 409 6th St. (303) 569-2311

Ski Area                          Loveland 1-70 Exit 216 (800) 736-3SKI

Police                             Georgetown Police Dept. 404 6th St. (303) 569-3232

Fire                                Georgetown Fire Dept. - Station 4 750 Brownell St. (303) 567-4342

Newspaper                       Clear Creek Courant 1634 Miner, Idaho Springs (303) 567-4991

Comma-shaped Georgetown's survival was a big question mark for much of the 20th century. Today, the town no longer seems in danger of having the final period placed on its history. George and David Griffith discovered only $500 worth of gold in Clear Creek in 1859, but they stuck around and founded George's Town. After 1864's huge silver strike, newcomers flooded in, settling across the creek in the new Elizabethtown, named for George's sister-in-law. When a post office was granted in 1866, the two camps united as Georgetown. The town was incorporated in 1868 and, by 1876, was known as the "Silver Queen of the Rockies," the state's third-largest town. The 1893 silver crash plunged Georgetown into a 70-year dark age, from which it did not emerge until its designation as a historical landmark district. Georgetown thrives now on tourists enjoying its preserved Victorian splendor and the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining District and Railroad Park.