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Large scale map of Idaho Springs town, Colorado

Idaho Springs streets map. Detailed large scale map of Idaho Springs town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Idaho Springs CO on the map

Idaho Springs See Map 10 • Population: 1,889 • Elevation: 7,524 • Area Code: 303 • Clear Creek Co., CO 80452

Points of Interest: Indian Springs Resorts, Underhill Museum, St. Mary's Glacier, Mt. Evans,

Jackson Monument, Charlie Taylor Water Wheel, Idaho Springs National Historic District, Phoenix Gold Mine,

Historic Argo Gold Mine Mill

Annual Events:

WetFest July (303) 567-4382

Old Fashioned July 4th July (303) 567-4421

Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb July (303) 458-5538

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon August (303) 567-4660

Gold Rush Days Mid August (303) 567-4382

Cadillac Classic Cars Rally August (303) 567-4544

Cops and Classics Car Show Early September (303) 567-2079

Clear Creek County Business Expo Late October (303) 567-2330

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Lighting Late November (303) 567-4382

Holiday Mart December (303) 567-4382

Visitor Information                                                   2060 Miner St (303)567-4382

City Hall                                                               1711 Miner St (303) 567-4421

Hospital Chicago Creek Clinic                       431 Hwy 103 (303) 567-9201

Airport Denver International Airport (303) 342-2000

Post Office                                                                     2420 Colorado Blvd. (303) 567-2903

Library Idaho Springs Public Library             219 14th Ave (303) 567-2020

Museum Underhill Museum                          1416 Miner St. (303) 567-4709

Police Department                                                            1711 Miner St. (303) 567-4291

Fire Department                                                              2000 Colorado Blvd. (303) 567-2078

Newspaper Clear Creek Courant

With its downtown area listed in the National Historic District Registry, Idaho Springs is one of the best-preserved towns in Colorado. Unfortunately, the town was unable to preserve the gold boom that brought it into being. The Utes and Arapahoes valued the healing properties of the hot springs, naming the site "Gem of the Mountains." In 1859, George Jackson discovered the hot springs while on a hunting trip. The next day, he stopped at the junction of Chicago Creek and Clear Creek to do some prospecting and quickly found gold. Idaho Springs immediately became a mining and milling center. In 1877, the Colorado Central began shipping ore down to smelters in Golden and Denver while bringing supplies and tourists. Mining gradually declined into the 1930s. Following WWII, patriotic souls immortalized comic strip character Steve Canyon with a $12,000 limestone statue erected in 1950 that still stands near the entrance to the downtown area.