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Large scale map of La Junta town, Colorado

La Junta streets map. Detailed large scale map of La Junta town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of La Junta CO on the map

La Junta

See Map 31 • Population: 7,568 • Elevation: 4,066 • Area Code: 719 • Otero Co., CO 81050

Points of Interest: Koshare Indian Kiva & Museum,

Bent's Old Fort, Otero County Museum, Otero Junior College, Santa Fe

National Historic Trail Sites, Boggsville Historic Site

Annual Events:

Kid's Rodeo Early August (719) 384-7411

Arkansas Valley Fair Mid-August (719) 384-7411

Early Setders'Day Mid-September (719) 384-7411

Harvest Hoedown Early October (719) 384-7411 Bent's Old Fort 1800s

Christmas Re-enactment December (719) 383-5010

Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce 110 Santa Fe Ave. (719) 384-7411

Hospital Arkansas Valley Reg. Med. Ctr. 1100 Carson Ave. (719) 384-5412

Public Transit La Junta Transit 102 E. 2nd Ave. (719) 384-5453

Airport La Junta Munic. Airport 30267 1st Ave. (719) 384-8407

College Otero Jr. College 1802 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-6831

Post Office La Junta Main Post Office 324 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-9841

Library Woodruff Mem. Library 522 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-4612

Museums Bent's Old Fort Nad. Hist. Site 35110 E. Hwy. 194 (719) 384-2596

Koshare Indian Museum 115 W 18th St. (719) 384-4411

Otero Museum Association 218 Anderson St. (719) 384-7500

Golf Course La Junta Golf Club 27696 Harris Rd. (719) 384-7133

Police Department    La Junta Police Dept. 601 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-2525

Fire Department       La Junta Fire Dept. 601 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-2525

Newspapers AG Journal 122 San Juan Ave. (800) 748-1997

La Junta Tribune Democrat 422 Colorado Ave. (719) 384-4475

Spanish for "junction," La Junta was born and later revived thanks to this geographic characteristic. The first setdement in the area was Bent's Fort, built in 1833. One of the West's key trading posts, Bent's Fort was the only point of "civilization" on the Santa Fe Trail between Missouri and Mexican settlements. In 1875, La Junta was established as a stop for the Santa Fe Railroad and was the terminus for a spur of the Kansas Pacific. La Junta enjoyed brief prosperity as the main forwarding point for trade going into the southwest, but the town was nearly dismanded before the Santa Fe decided to make La Junta the headquarters of its Colorado division. In 1881, the City of La Junta was incorporated. Bat Masterson, who figures in the history of many towns, served as marshal here for five weeks in 1884. The region's economy now depends on agriculture, especially melons.