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Large scale map of Monte Vista town, Colorado

Monte Vista streets map. Detailed large scale map of Monte Vista town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Monte Vista CO on the map

Monte Vista

See Map 29 • Population: 4,529 • Elevation: 7,663 • Area Code: 719 • Rio Grande Co., CO 81144

Points of Interest: Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Monte Vista Historical Society, UFO Watch Tower (Hooper), Great Sand Dunes National Monument & Preserve

Annual Events:

Monte Vista Crane Festival Early March (719) 852-3552

International Migratory Bird Day Mid-May (719) 589-4021

Spring Bird Count Mid-May (719) 589-4021

Golf Tournament August (719) 852-2731

Sky Hi Stampede & Rodeo Late July (719) 852-2055

San Luis Valley Fair Early August (719) 589-3434

Harvest Festival October (719) 852-2731

Christmas Bird Count Early December (719) 589-4021

Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce 1035 Park Ave (800) 562-7085

San Luis Valley Information Center 9^71st Ave. (719) 852-0660

Hospital San Luis Valley Reg. Med. Ctr. 106 Blanca Ave., Alamosa (719) 589-2511

Bus Station Greyhound 8480 Stockton, Alamosa (719) 589-4948

Airport Monte Vista Mun. Airport 5670 US Hwy. 160 (719) 852-9574

Post Office Monte Vista Main Post Office 150 Washington St. (800) 275-8777

Library Carnegie Public Library 120 Jefferson St. (719) 852-3931

Museum Monte Vista Historical Society 110 Jefferson St. (719) 852-4396

Golf Course Monte Vista Golf Club 101 Country Club Dr. (719) 852-4906

Police Department Monte Vista Police Dept. 720 1st Ave. (719) 852-5111

Fire Department Monte Vista Fire Dept. 720 1 st Ave. (719) 852-5111

Newspaper Monte Vista Journal 229 Adams St. (719) 852-3531

The second-largest city in the San Luis Valley, Monte Vista was established at the Lariat siding in 1881 when the railroad extended west. A store was built and the town site was platted in 1882 and called Lariat. In 1884, the town was renamed Henry to honor its chief promoter, T.C. Henry. Upon its incorporation in 1886, the town was renamed once again, this time to Monte Vista, Spanish for "mountain view." Despite its high elevation and a short growing season, the area is productive and noted for potatoes, wheat, malt and barley, hay and alfalfa. Farming in the arid valley is possible due to irrigation from underground aquifers. A famous landmark is the local motel whose rooms face the drive-in theater next door. Picture windows and speakers in every room allow guests to enjoy a big-screen double feature in the comfort of their beds.