Rocky Ford streets map. Detailed map of Rocky Ford town, Colorado state

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Large scale map of Rocky Ford town, Colorado

Rocky Ford streets map. Detailed large scale map of Rocky Ford town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Rocky Ford CO on the map

Rocky Ford    • Population: 4,286 • Elevation: 4,178 •

Area Code: 719 • Otero Co., CO 81067

Points or Interest:  "Melon Capital of the World," Rocky Ford Museum, historic railroad depot

Annual Events:

Cinco de Mayo Early May (719) 254-7483

Peony Festival /Fun Days June (719) 254-7483

4th of July Celebration July (719) 254-7483

Litde Britches Rodeo Late July (719) 263-4328 Arkansas Valley Fair/Rocky Ford

Watermelon Day Mid-August (719) 254-6122

Harvest Festival Mid-September (719) 254-7483

Oktoberfest October (719) 254-7483

Balloon Festival Early November (719) 254-7483

Visitor Information     Chamber of Commerce 105 N. Main St (719)254-7483

Hospital Arkansas Valley Reg. Med.. Ctr..     1100 Carson Ave., La Junta   (719) 384-5412

Airport La Junta Mun. Airport 30267 1st Ave., La Junta (719) 384-8407

Bus Station TMN&O 700 Swink Ave. (719) 254-3923

Train Amtrak 1 st St. & Colorado (719) 384-2275

College Colorado State Univ. Extension     411 N. 10th St. (719) 254-7608

Post Office 401 N. 9th St. (800) 275-8777

Library Rocky Ford Public Library 400 S. 10th (719) 254-6641

Museum Rocky Ford Museum 1005 Sycamore Ave. (719) 254-6737

Golf Course Rocky Ford Country Club 91 Play Park Hill (719) 254-7528

Fire Department 203 S. 9th St. (719) 254-3322

Police Department 203 S. 9th St. (719) 254-3344

Newspaper Daily Gazette 912 Elm Ave. (719) 254-3351

George W Swink sure knew how to use his melon. The first mayor of Rocky Ford began the tradition of Watermelon Day in 1878 by stopping a train and giving a watermelon to every passenger and crewman. These days, 50 tons of melons are given away in the "Melon Capital of the World." Rocky Ford's origins go back to a trading post built on the Santa Fe Trail at a safe crossing on the Arkansas River. Kit Carson named the area after the gravelly nature of the crossing's riverbed. In 1875, the Santa Fe Railroad built tracks through Rocky Ford. George Swink moved his general store closer to the depot and became the first agent for the Santa Fe in 1876. His store and office became the town's hub. Swink, who later became a state senator, organized the locality's first irrigation system and developed the famous Rocky Ford cantaloupe.