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Large scale map of Salida town, Colorado

Salida streets map. Detailed large scale map of Salida town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Salida CO on the map

Salida   • Population: 5,504 • Elevation: 7,080 • Area Code: 719 • Chaffee Co., CO 81201

Points of Interest Tenderfoot Mountain, Monarch Aerial Tramway, Monarch Ski Area, Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center

Annual Events:

Salida Aspen Concert Series Summer (719) 539-6467

Continental Divide Auto Hill Climb     June (800) 535-8973

FIBArk Boat Races & Festival Mid-June (877) 772-5432

Art Walk Late June (877) 772-5432

Colorado Brewers Rendezvous July (877) 772-5432

Salida 4th of July Celebration Early July (877) 772-5432

Angel of Shivano Car Show August (877) 772-5432

Taste of Italy August (877) 772-5432

Tenderfoot Triathlon September (719) 539-6738

Banana Belt Bicycle Weekend Mid-September (877) 772-5432

Easter Egg Hunt April (719) 539-3596

Christmas Mountain USA Late November (877) 772-5432

Visitor Information  Chamber of Commerce 406W. Hwy50 (719)539-2068

Hospital                   Heart of Rockies Reg. Med. Ctr. 448 E. 1st St. (719) 539-6661

Bus Station               Greyhound 735 Blake St. (719) 539-7474

Airport                    Salida-Harriet Alexander Field 9255 CR 140 (719) 539-3720

College Colorado Mtn. College 411 E. Main St.,

Buena Vista (719) 395-8419

Post Office               Salida Main Post Office 310 D St. (719) 539-2548

Library                    Salida Regional Library 405 E St. (719) 539-4826

Museum                  Salida Museum 406 W Hwy 50 (719) 539-7483

Golf Course             Salida Golf Club 404 Grant St. (719) 539-1060

Ski Area                   Monarch Ski & Snowboard Area #1 Powder PI. (888) 996-7669

Police Department 125 E. 3rd St. (719) 539-6880

Fire Department 124 E. St. (719) 539-2212

Newspapers              The Mountain Mail 125 E. 2nd (719) 539-6691

The Chaffee County Times 609 E. Main St.

Buena Vista (719) 395-8621

The "Heart of the Rockies" is a crossroads for U.S. Highways 24, 50 and 285. Spanish for "gateway," Salida was originally peopled by the Utes, after whom local mountain peaks are named. In 1878, engineers for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, anticipating the construction of a railroad through the Great Canyon of the Arkansas, laid out a town named Cleora. In 1880, engineers for the Denver & Rio Grande surveyed the site of a new town one mile to the south, hoping that court batdes for the rail route would be settled in their favor. When the legal wrangling ended, the Denver & Rio Grande had won. The residents of Cleora then moved lock, stock and buildings to the victor, which was first called South Arkansas after the river, which flows past the east side of town. Today, Salida is the Chaffee County seat and a great place to go Whitewater rafting.