Sterling CO streets map. Detailed large scale map of Sterling town, Colorado state

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Sterling CO streets map

Sterling streets map. Detailed large scale map of Sterling town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Sterling CO on the map


 • Population: 11,360 • Elevation: 3,939 Area Code: 970 • Logan Co., CO 80751

Points of Interest: the Logan County Courthouse, Tamarack Ranch, Chimney Canyons, the Overland Trail Museum

Annual Events:

Chex Mix Day April (970) 522-5070

Children's Ag & Water Festival   Mid-May (970) 522-1378

High Plains Expo Mid-May (970) 522-5070

Heritage Festival July (970) 522-0434 Logan County Fair &

PRCA Rodeo August (970) 522-0888

Sugar Beet Days Mid-September (970) 521-6062 Logan County United Way

Chili Cook-Off Late September (970) 522-9288

Christmas Parade & Lights Early December (970) 522-5070

Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce 109 N. Front St (970) 522-5070

Tourist Info. Ctr. 1-76 & Hwy. 6 (970) 522-8962

Hospital Sterling Regional Med. Center 615Fairhurst (970) 522-0122

Bus Station Greyhound Bus Lines 12881 Hwy. 61 (970) 522-1234

Public Transit County Express 1619 S. 6th Ave. (970) 522-6440

Airport Sterling Munic. Airport 16562 Hwy. 14 (970) 522-0417

College Northeastern Junior College 100 College Dr. (970) 521-6600

Libraries Sterling Public Library 420 N. 5th St. (970) 522-2023

Northeastern JC Library 100 College Dr. (970) 522-6612

Post Office Sterling Main Post Office 306 Poplar (800) 275-8777

Museum Overland Trail Museum 21053 Cnty. Rd. 26 5/10 (970) 522-3895

Recreation Center Community Rec. Center 808 Elm (970) 522-7882

Golf Course Riverview Golf Course 13064 Cnty. Rd. 370 (970) 522-3035

Police Department Sterling Police Dept. 421 N. 4th St. (970) 522-3512

Fire Department 410 N. 5th St. (970) 522-3823

Newspapers Journal-Advocate 504 N. 3rd St. (970) 522-1990

South Platte Sentinel 111 Poplar (970) 522-8148


Southerners fleeing the economic and psychological devastation of the Civil War flooded into the West. One group of refugees arrived in Greeley, only to discover the prime farmland was already taken. The settlers found another site along the South Platte River about four miles north of present-day Sterling. The Southern colony at "old Sterling" gave 80 acres of land to the Union Pacific Railroad in return for a right-of-way with shops and a roundhouse. Sterling was named after the Illinois hometown of the railroad surveyor who platted the town site in 1883. Experimental sugar beet farming in the early 1900s proved successful and a sugar mill was built. The sugar beet remains key to the local economy, along with cattle, corn and alfalfa. As you wander around Sterling, you'll inevitably come across the work of local sculptor Bradford Rhea, who creates pieces of art out of dead trees.