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Woodland Park CO map

Woodland Park streets map. Detailed large scale map of Woodland Park town, Colorado state. Points of Interest of Woodland Park CO on the map

Woodland Park

 • Population: 6,515 • Elevation: 8,437 • Area Code: 719 • Teller Co., CO 80863

Points of Interest

Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument, Mueller State Park, Pike National Forest, Mining District of Cripple Creek, Gold Belt Tour, Pikes Peak Region

Annual Events:

Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration             July (719) 686-0705

Mountain Arts Festival                                      Early August (719) 686-7469

Prentice Porter Mayors Cup 5 & 10K                  August (719) 687-5225

Cruise Above the Clouds                                  Mid-September (719) 686-0493

Oktoberfest Late                                              September (719) 687-9885

Mountain Holiday Festival                                Late November (719) 687-9885

Lighter Side of Christmas Parade                    December (719) 687-9885

Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce      Hwy 24 & Fairview (719) 687-9885

Hospital                           Pikes Peak Reg. Med. Ctr.        627 W Midland Ave. (719) 686-0320

Post Office                        300 W South Ave. (719) 687-7015

Library                              Woodland Park Pub. Library    218 E. Midland Ave. (719) 687-9281

Museum                           Ute Pass Cultural Center         210 E. Midland Ave. (719) 687-5284

Golf Course                          Woodland Park Fujiki Golf & Country Club

                                              100 Lucky Lady Dr. (719) 687-7587

Police Department                  911 Tamarac Pkwy. (719) 687-9262

Fire Department                     1010 W County Rd. (719) 687-1866

Newspaper                             Ute Pass Courier   1200 E. Hwy 24 (719) 687-3006


Wrap your mind around this: The value of the gold mined in Teller County is greater than the combined value of all the gold ever produced everywhere else in the U.S. However, it was lumber rather than gold that made Woodland Park important. Founded in the early 1880s as Manitou Park, the town built along the tracks of the Colorado Midland Railroad was a resort favored by tuberculosis patients, who found the mountain community a pleasant place in which to convalesce. In 1890, gold was discovered at Cripple Creek. Woodland Park, incorporated in 1891, became the site of five sawmills constructed to meet the demands for lumber coming not only from the mines, but also from railroads and booming Colorado Springs. The mills annually produced millions of feet of lumber and shipped 200,000 railroad ties each year. The largest city in Teller County, Woodland Park is still a resort area surrounded by spruce, pine and aspen.