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Map of Yuma CO


 • Population: 3,285 • Elevation: 4,131 • Area Code: 970 • Yuma Co., CO 80759

Points of Interest

Yuma Historical Society Museum

Annual Events:

Knights of Columbus Groundhog Day Dinner      Early February (970) 848-5973

Yuma Farmer's Market                                        Summer (970) 848-2704

Colorado Jr. Rodeo                                              June (970) 848-2412

Summer Fest Early                                              June (970) 848-2704

Parade of Homes & Gardens                                 Late June (970) 848-2704

Yuma County Rodeo & Fair                                    Early August (970) 848-2291

Old Thresher Days                                                Early September (970) 848-2507

Rocky Mtn. Oyster Fry                                           Early November (970) 848-2704

Community Thanksgiving Dinner                           Late November (970) 848-0754

Christmas Festival                                                 Late November (970) 848-2704

Christmas Parade of Homes                                 Early December (970) 848-2704

Santa Comes to Yuma on the

Burlington Northern Christmas Train                      Mid-December (970) 848-2704

Ringneck Raiders Pheasant Hunting                       January (970) 848-2704


Visitor Information Chamber of Commerce 218 S. Main St (970)848-2704

Hospital           Yuma District Hospital 910 S. Main St. (970) 848-5405

Public               Transit County Express (970) 848-0300

Airport             Yuma Mun. Airport 37134 S Hwy. 59 (970) 848-3878

College            Morgan Comm. Coll., Yuma Ctr. 215 S. Main St. (970) 848-2421

Post Office       Yuma Main Post Office 315 S. Main St. (800) 275-8777

Library             Yuma Public Library 114 W 3rd Ave. (970) 848-2368

Museum          Yuma Historical Society Museum 306 S. Detroit (970) 848-2754

Golf Course      Indian Hills Golf Course 5294 County Rd. 39 (970) 848-2812

Police Department            Yuma City Police Dept. 216 E. 3rd Ave. (970) 848-5441

Fire Department                Yuma City Fire Dept. 216 E. 3rd. Ave. (970) 848-5441

Newspaper                         Yuma Pioneer 207 S. Main St. (970) 848-2174


Location, location, location. For a long time, Yuma County lacked real estate's most important element. Explorers encountered the region during a drought and dismissed it as "the great American desert." Settlement was hindered by the area's distance from the Oregon Trail, which followed the Platte River in the north, and the Santa Fe Trail, which tracked the Arkansas River far to the south. The lands became the preserve of huge ranches, where cattle grew fat on high plains grasslands. The Burlington & Missouri completed a main line to Denver in 1882 and promoted town sites. Settlement increased when Congress forced ranchers off public lands. The town was platted on land homesteaded by railroad conductor George F. Weed and his wife. Yuma was founded in 1886 and named for a rail employee buried nearby. Yuma County is the state's largest corn producer.